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Tournament Info


Courts will be open 1 hour before first match on Saturday and Sunday for teams to warm-up.

8am-9am, 2pm-3pm:
Team Check-in


9am: National Anthems

9am-9pm: 8AM & 3PM WAVES: Pool Play


Courts will be open 1 hour before first match on Saturday and Sunday for teams to warm-up.

8:00am–6pm: Tournament Play

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Facility Info

No outside food is permitted inside The Podium. Snacks for medical reasons are permitted.

Bottled water WILL be allowed. ONLY non-flavored water will be allowed in the court area. 

Please note that The Podium has a CLEAR BAG policy for all spectators.  Make sure you are prepared prior to arrival!  

Players and coaches are still allowed backpacks.


Please click HERE to see a map of Podium parking areas.


All parking lots require payment. Please follow the posted instructions to pay for lots without an attendant on site.  There are no in-out privileges for vehicles during an event. Parking rates may vary per lot.


All tickets will be purchased through TicketWest online. All ticket purchases will be done online at and will provide each spectator a unique QR code to be shown at entry.


QR code pre-purchase or buy at ticket box office window outside Podium on Dean Ave. Good for ONE entry to Podium. Pre-Purchase online here:


  • At that initial entry spectators will be given a BLUE wristband for two-day purchased tickets.

  • White for Saturday only

  • Green for Sunday only.

Wristbands will permit re-entry to the Podium. Wristbands will be provided by PFD Security staff; Tickets West will handle QR code purchases.

18 and older Ticket Prices:

2-Day  Ticket Price: $25.00
1-Day Ticket Price: $15.00

17 and under are FREE

Tournament Format

When registering your team for the event please ensure you select the appropriate division: U14, U16 or U18. 

What you should know:


Food/drink: No food inside court areas, only water at the courts

Warmups: 1st match of a day for team: 5 min for serving team then 5 for receiving; subsequent matches 3min for serving team then & 3 for receiving. N
o shared hitting: no ball handling during other teams warm-up period. 

WORKING Team is part of ref crew: Each match has a pro R1; working team completes crew and are designated in schedule. Don't be late for your working assignment! Refereeing (“working”) assignment: Teams will provide a scorer, a libero tracker when needed, a score flipper, two line judges, and an R2 for each working assignment. A coach must be courtside if they are not R2. In Canada teams help referee matches in which they play; in the US teams are asked to be part of a crew for a match in which they are NOT playing.

Pool Play:

Round 1 | Snake Seed

2 sets to 25, no cap. No Tie Breaker Set

Round 2 | Power Seeded based on Round 1 finishes

Best 2/3 to 25, deciding set to 15, no cap


Bracket Play:
Best 2/3 to 25,
 deciding set to 15, no cap

Bracket seed: Result of round 2 pool play determines placement in Sunday's elimination brackets, Tie breakers will be head to head, match record, set record, point differential

Net height: 14s: 7’4"; 16s & 18s: 8’. Note: In Canada boys 16s teams play at 7’8”, in US they play at 8’.

Match ball, all divisions: Molten FLISTATIC (V5M5000-3N) this is same ball used at USA Boys Junior Nationals; balls will be provided to referees from tournament desk

Tournament Rules

  • Ceiling: A ball contacting the ceiling above the team’s playable area is considered to be in play.

  • Liberos: 2 liberos will be allowed in all age groups. If two Liberos are designated they remain the same throughout the match.

    • If one libero is designated for a set, a different player can be designated as libero for subsequent set.

    • Libero(s) may serve in only ONE place in their team’s rotation.

  • Time outs: Each team is allowed two 30 second time outs per set. Players may remain on the court but coaches and non-players may not enter the court. No restrictions on court entry at end of time out.

  • Substitutions: Each team is allowed 12 substitutions per set with no maximum player entry/re-entry.

  • Simultaneous contact: simultaneous contact between 2 or more players is considered 1 contact.

  • Serve Receive: all age groups may receive serve using finger action providing that the ball is not caught and /or thrown and the same player does not make two separate attempts to play the ball. 

  • Service attempts:

    •  For 16s and 18s players, contact must occur within 8 seconds of R1’s beckon;

    • For 14s players, contact must occur within 5 seconds but player is allowed a toss and drop before and between successful serve attempts.

  • Screening: USAV Screening rule will be enforced: If players of serving team are positioned close to each other, and serve is a fast, low trajectory serve over those players, the probability of an illegal screen will be considered.

  • Entrance protocol: starting players’ line up on the end line: captain, starting Libero, remaining players. Teams will shake hands at mid-court.

  • Center line: Encroachment into the opponent’s court with any part(s) of the body is permitted provided some part of the body remains either in contact with or directly above the centerline. Encroachment into the opponent’s court MUST NOT present a safety hazard to the opponents and there MUST NOT be interference with the opponents play (contact is not required for interference).

  • Net: Contact with any part of the net between the antennae is a fault if it occurs in the act of playing the ball.

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